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08 April 2011 @ 07:29 pm
All about updating  
The reason I don't post a strict update schedule (like "updates Mondays and Fridays") is because I know I'm not able to keep to one. Instead I'd rather say something like "updates once or twice a week" because that's a bit more honest and less stressful on my end.

I'm sure I've written about this before but I'd like to reiterate, since I know people get annoyed about my schedule. I don't ask for donations, I don't slather a million blinking ads over everything. I don't even like to merchandise that much. Honestly I am afraid to make a large portion of my living from doing The Meek. I feel like turning money into my primary motivator for this project will tempt me to drop quality in favor of churning out products, and I promised myself I'd never do that. This is why I have outside jobs and projects that I'm working on, to keep the money pressure off of my baby.

So keep in mind when I don't update, it is usually for a quality-related reason. If you find I'm not updating and you're not sure why, just check the Facebook or Twitter or whatever and see what's up. The last few months I was working on projects that needed all my attention (because I care about doing a good job on everything I work on), and I did my best to let you all know what was going on. Right now I'm sick and my fluids are escaping regularly from all sorts of alarming places. I feel like dizzy scratchy shit and I can't focus on drawing for long periods of time like I usually do. If I were teaching right now, I'd be taking time off. And I am still have work other than this comic to get done.

I have very strong opinions when it comes to quality and work ethic, and it hurts my feelings when people accuse me of being lazy or of denying them something they are entitled to. So before you shoot me an angry email or whatever because you haven't gotten your page yet this week, please remember that I'm a human being and that I'm doing my best.