D Helmer (alexds1) wrote in the_meek,
D Helmer

Update day change!

So I'm changing the update day for the comic to Sunday-ish. It used to be Wednesday but that was mostly due to my having Tuesdays somewhat free to work on the comic (based on last semester's schedule). This upcoming year I am not getting any breaks like that (d'oh). I've already been updating Sundays/ Mondays for the last three weeks so I guess the transition has already occurred! Thanks for putting up with my aggravating update schedule!

Speaking of which, sorry I was late this week when I had said that I wasn't going to be... I had to do all my Xmas shopping this weekend, along with managing some kind of sickness/ food poisoning (not done with that yet) and my brother's 24th birthday (Happy Birthday, Dan!).

I know the first 1/4 of this chapter was relatively meh (same could be said for last chapter, haha), but I really really am looking forward to all the pages coming up... lots of fun stuff to draw now that we've established all the characters and the setting!
Tags: chapter 2, schedule

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