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Chapter 2 thus far

A recap up to page 32, in case you need a summary :B

Emperor deSadar, the Emperor of the North, has finally agreed to meet with some Carissi representatives to discuss border conflicts at the southern edge of the Territories. This is no small feat for him, as he has been harboring a grudge against the Carissi for all his life (for some justifiable reasons). His family is taking a short vacation to the Southern Palace to meet with the ambassadors. While his wife, Phe, is happy that the meeting is going to take place, she is already worried that her husband is going to fly off the handle at them and ruin any chances for peaceful negotiations. At the meeting, with his son and wife in attendance, deSadar does indeed lose his shit and gets into an unexpected public argument with Phe.

Rana is the Emperor's eldest daughter and, while not invited to the mess, has opinions of her own. One of them is a very low opinion of her father and how he's been treating her mother as of late. After a debrief of the foofraraw from her brother Suda she sets off to give her father a piece of her mind. She unable to do this, however, once she finds herself in the middle of an explosive fight between her parents. She overhears some hard words before running away undetected. Luca eventually concedes that maybe he has been acting a tiny bit unprofessionally (ha) and makes up with Phe. He also reluctantly agrees to attend a goodwill dinner.

Which brings us to the present dinner scene. Luca has given him as much buffer between himself and those ambassadors and really can't wait for it all to be over...
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