D Helmer (alexds1) wrote in the_meek,
D Helmer


Hello! It's... wallpaper time!

Every chapter I make a limited wallpaper that is free and available to everyone, but I can't resist making you work for it a little bit XD Here's how to get it:

Step 1: Vote daily here, and be on the lookout for an obvious letter!
Step 2: Collect letters when you see them over the next 2 weeks. They will spell a word.
Step 3: Unscramble the word, using the Meekipedia to check what it could be! (it will be related to this chapter in some way)
Step 4: Wait until I post a message, and then email me your word. If it is correct, I will email you back with your wallpaper :)

That's it! Comment here if you have any questions, and have fun :)
Tags: chapter 3, contest
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