D Helmer (alexds1) wrote in the_meek,
D Helmer

Great fans

A comment from the deleted hiatus post which must be saved for posterity. More proof that readers of The Meek are the best readers IN THE UNIVERSE:

"This is my first comment on The Meek! I’m just sending this little message to all of Der-Shing’s fans that you are incredibly cool! When the link was posted on this site to visit Ratfist we had over 3,000 of you come over and read my little comic. Those are incredibly generous numbers, both for Der-Shing to throw to me, but also for all of you to show up and offer really kind comments.

I’m humbled, mostly because I’m also a HUGE fan of Der-Shing and really impressed with The Meek…and as I’ve gotten to know the author, I’ve found her to be an even more fascinating person. I like eating up the artwork of people I think are jerks, so it’s a big bonus (relief?) to find out the author is a good person too. As a warning, I’m not such a good person… but that’s a different topic.

I’m also good friends with Ethan Nicolle who makes AXECOP. He comes over my house every week and we’re really close, but he posted RATFIST on his site and his fans didn’t come over at all in the numbers that came from The Meek! So you guys all get a personal note from me! I’m impressed! You guys are the good stuff!

And I’m with you in waiting for the Meek to return. It’s a million times harder to put out the Meek even once a week compared to knocking out Ratfist daily. There’s absolutely no comparison, these are different looks, different amount of work and different genres. I know Der Shing has to work around the clock to get this stuff done, while I have the luxury of being a full time comic person. It’s the up-and-comers who have twice the talent of we established folks, but they have to find out how to make their books while making life work. Hard-hard-hard… nearly impossible. The Meek shouldn’t even exist! …and that’s the proof that there is Meek magic in the world.

Stumbling across a giant axolotl spirit would surprise me a lot less than when I stumbled across this comic. Great comic, great author, great fans.

Thanks again,
Doug TenNapel"

There you go, it's in writing from a legendary pokemon artist: you guys are awesome.

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